It is no surprising when we say that most of the women around the world dream to have the ideal body. While some studies say that there are several reasons why we will never get our ideal and desired body, the science confirms totally the opposite.

Today, in this article, you can find out what is the ideal woman body shape and how does it looks like, according to a group of scientists.

If we look at the fashion industry, they might have us thinking that the skinny bodies are the perfect and the most wanted ones. Still, you can be surprised if you find out what torture takes for these models to fit those ’’skinny’’ creations, and what is even worse,  they are not even aware that they are the only ones who can wear them.

According to a recent study at the University of Texas, the ideal body of a woman who is 1.68m tall is 99/63/91 (bust/weight/hip measurements).

According to this scientist, the model, actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook has the most perfect figure. Many of them claim that her body is the ideal when it comes to fertility and attractiveness.

Most of the men are attracted to women who have very similar body and facial characteristics like Kelly Brook’s.

Watch the video below to find out about female body types throughout the history: